Each Nisiki member is committed to these core values
and guiding principles.

Our Core Values

Fairness :

A dedication to being fair. No undue personal or official favours.

Freedom :

The company will allow its members the freedom to grow beyond what they are doing. Each member is expected to use this freedom.

Commitment :

A promise is a promise, whether to insiders in the company or outside to our customers. Of course, the promise is made in the company’s interest.

Waterline :

A hole above the ship’s waterline will not sink it, but one below it, will. Only decisions where survival is at stake require group consultation and agreement, else take your own decision.


Our Guiding Principles

Change is the only constant

Hence, we create flexible systems.

Quality alone ensures survival

Hence, we develop a culture of excellence.

People, and not products are important

Hence, we have no employees only the NISIKI team.

Information is everything

Hence, we will speed up and democratize data flow.

Some of Our Important Product Categories

Fans, Bearings, Commutators, TOPS, SPDs, Shunts