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Core Philosophy
"Business is Goodness"
are the three words that sum up Nisiki's core philosophy.


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As per our credo " People and not products are more Important ". 

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Since 1992, NISIKI has transformed the traditional manufacturing model of electro-mechanical components to continually provide better VALUE than the nearest competitor.

Quality is ... Free of Costs.      Reliability is NISIKI's business.

No premium for Quality, To Nisiki Engineers quality is a reflection of sincerity and a caring attitude towards its customers. From application specific design, development, manufacturing ... to logistics of JIT delivery on the assembly line of a customer is the unique capability of NISIKI - Total Value Chain Manufacturing (VCM).

Each customer has unique localized needs. By innovative deployment of the localised-6-services Nisiki ensures the highest supply reliability at lowest costs. Nisiki operates among the largest manufacturing value chain of mechanical, electrical and electronic components and sub-assemblies.

To make any consumer friendly machine be it automobiles, domestic appliances, telecom, UPS, excavators, lawn movers, ATMs.....list goes need high precision electro-mechanical components.  It is a US$ 150 billion industry and growing at average 10% per year.

As a component manufacturer it is not easy to win the trust and loyalty of an OEM customer (machine maker).  It takes several months and years of endurance tests and field trials to be an approved component supplier to a machine maker. The reason for such long  time period for approval is simple.  The multi-billion market value of a machine maker is  dependent on the reliability of the components used. 

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